The submission of this years’ media competition has been extended an extra week until the 15th of May for those of you who were unable to get your projects in due to a website malfunction.  

If you have a newsletter and need to submit three, put them in a PDF format and submit online that way. 

The following are the rules in accordance to the rules laid out by NALPA 2018.

Rules for Basis of Judging: (1st, 2nd and 3rd Place)
1. Newsletters / Newspapers will be judged on: Content (Legion, Auxiliary, SAL) local, county, district, and state news, as appropriate – clear, concise and balanced writing, layout, design and appearance, use of photos and illustrations.
2. Editorials will be judged on: Headline and lead arousal of interest; clear, concise and imaginative writing; research and grasp of subject; timely and appropriate objectives suitable to public.
3. Websites will be judged on: Department or Local information, site design, links, appropriateness of information and attractiveness.
4. Social Media Sites will be judged on: Appearance and presentation; content, readability and engagement; purposes and goals.
5. Photography entries will be evaluated based on: Visual interest, originality, clarity, perspective, quality, purpose, and connection to veterans connection.
6. Videography entries will be evaluated based on: Originality, clarity, perspective, quality, purpose and connection to veterans
7. Graphic Design entries will be evaluated based on: Originality, quality, imagination and overall conveyance of message

Entry Form Instructions – Use a Separate Form for Each Entry:
1. Must be current member of the California American Legion Press Association. (EXCEPTION: Non-Member Editorial)
2. For newsletters & newspapers … submit three (3) papers – one each for the three separate issues published during the Legion year (June 2017 to present). They need not be consecutive months.
3. For categories I., II., III. and IV., submit three (3) papers, one each of three separate issues.
4. For websites and social media … include the electronic address (URL). If you submit more than one URL, you must do a separate entry for each submission.
5. Editorials, submit entire paper or tear-sheet containing the editorial and
date of issue.
6. Photos, you can submit up to three (3) photos that have been published on same subject or event; or CD/
7. Video, provide a URL if posted on YouTube or other media or provide on a nonreturnable flashdrive
8. Graphic Design, Provide flyers or publications in which they appeared (DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS/